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Ruminations of the suicidal 2
Help. It's a word I think to myself, though often I don't get it. Perhaps it is because I'm so detached from the world around me, I keep a study wall to protect myself. I never try to get too attached to things or people, in the end they either disappear or betray you, I probably seem bitter to people putting it that way. I try not to rely too much on people, I always feel like I'm bringing them down with me or they put up with me out of obligation rather than actually caring. When I feel desperate I've little to no one to turn to, those who should be there only have anger,disappointment and ridicule to offer to me. I don't feel safe letting them see my true feelings, I don't want them to make it worse. I'm probably pretty stupid for letting the people around me get to me in such a strong way, letting one remark send me spiraling into a sea of self doubt. I've always thought I'm better off alone, people can't hurt me if I keep they away, if I leave myself nothing to lose. I always regr
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Ruminations of the suicidal 1
Selfish. What an ugly, disgusting word that I hear all to often in my life.  I write this because I do feel words have power to them, if those reading them can learn to see their deeper meaning. This is also for a bit of personal therapy on my part so please keep in mind this is my own reflections on my life. I've been labeled selfish many a time, by both family and those close close to them. Perhaps some of my actions have been selfish, though often I find they are simply taking care of myself, though I suppose looking after ones own mental health is selfish. I've been jeered at that suicide is selfish, more than once by a person who claims to understand what depression is like. I find it hard to believe they understand when they can blatantly call me selfish without thinking that perhaps my perceived selfishness is part of what drives me to end to my own life. I've selfishly prolonged my suffering to please those close to me, leaving them blind to the war inside me. It's easier
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It's like being an actor upon a stage.
You play the part you've been assigned
Putting your real self behind the curtain
A careful daughter,A loving sister,A helpful friend.
You say the lines you've learned,the one's people expect to hear.
No one wants to see the person backstage.
That person is empty inside.
Their joy has been taken from them,trapped behind a barricade.
Feigning feelings to the world,playing their part in the play.
All the while the words echo against the wall,nothing can break it.
Intermission arrives and the actor steps back for a break
The wall cracks,letting negative emotions out
The curtain goes up and crowd isn't watching,save a few refusing to leave their seats
Your time on stage has arrived.
Anger is easy,you can apologize for anger
But how do you apologize for feeling sad?
Can you apologize for feeling empty and broken?
Everyone suddenly wants to know if your okay,if something is wrong.
You don't know how to respond
So you step back,and once more let the actor
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PMD:FotP Set 3: Annoucement :iconkillerkitty4:killerKitty4 0 1 Paper Mario Adopts-SOLD/CLOSED :iconkillerkitty4:killerKitty4 8 12 Faraway Dream :iconkillerkitty4:killerKitty4 2 0 Alexandra and Emma Stepps :iconkillerkitty4:killerKitty4 12 6 Fashion Contest Entry (Lanetta) :iconkillerkitty4:killerKitty4 1 4
An Unexpected Encounter
“Okay everyone, stay on the route and be careful because I won’t be watching “Crystal advised her team that’d she split up into pairs for training. Normally she’d train them herself but today she was feeling sick and needed her rest. She knew she had to prepare them all for the next gym and being sick couldn't stop her so she decided to have them all train together in pairs around the route. They were put into pairs to stay safer from wild pokemon so they could look out for each other; the pairs were Chikoru and Flit, Fright and Ampiron and finally Kita and Tepi. Tepi looked to Kita and smiled as they were paired together 
“We’d best be going then.” Kita advised gently. Tepi nodded before they headed out to begin training she was determined to get as strong as she could. The first few battles went smoothly as the pair skillfully took out their opponents with ease until one attack sent Kita landing on her ankle the wron
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PMD:FotP Set 2: :iconkillerkitty4:killerKitty4 0 1 PMD:FotP Set 1:Seven Years :iconkillerkitty4:killerKitty4 0 8 New Comic :iconkillerkitty4:killerKitty4 0 3 Shojo Vision :iconkillerkitty4:killerKitty4 1 13 Poke Trollmance :iconkillerkitty4:killerKitty4 1 0 Avery Jones :iconkillerkitty4:killerKitty4 2 2 Best Roomies Ever :iconkillerkitty4:killerKitty4 4 4
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I'm Killerkitty4 or Mi-Chan to my close my friends.I'm mostly a writer but I really enjoy working with bases.I have lots of Oc's and love seeing other peoples,so note me or leave comment with the link! Also if your not a fan of Oc's that's okay just don't get in my face or insult because I like to create Oc's, other wise we'll get along fine.I'm big fan of anime and I like to Role play too. Scratch that I love to rolpley all my friends on here know I do cause I'm always bugging them to rp with me. They are wonderful because they do <3 Also,apparently I have awesome ninja powers

Check out a joint account I share my BFF in RL, we write stories together!^^ :iconthepagemasters:

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Thanks for faving my Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Portrait base, please note that one of these days it will be replaces with a game... As I feel it sucks...

Also if you ever want to make a chibi, there's a whole load of bases here...
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oh my these are great! thank you!
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When my laptop gets fixed, I'll be able to update them to have more stuff... Though if you want, I can always make your clavat character quickly~ Cause I look make clavats XD
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haha ,no it's alright but thank you anyway
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